Fine Tuning

Big N is in 3-year-old preschool this year. He has loved it, and we can tell he is learning so much. They do an art or craft project nearly every day, which I adore. And he does too. He definitely inherited my creative gene.

His wonderful teacher suggested that since he is a young 3, we should work a little more at home on his fine motor skills. This would make his school craft time a little easier, and more fun for Big N. I was excited at the suggestion as it gave us a reason to leave the dishes in the sink a little longer and do some fun activities together. I hit up the craft store and selected a few new supplies which we broke out within minutes of arriving back home.

Our first activity was sorting these colored pom-poms. He first sorted them with a pair of tweezers, and then just his fingers.

Our second activity was simply stringing colored pony beads onto a chenille pipe cleaner. Once he had filled up the pipe cleaner, we twisted the ends together and turned it into a little bracelet.  

 Next up was working on his scissor skills. I cut long strips of red, yellow and orange paper, and Big N cut the strips into smaller segments we called "leaves". 

He used a paint brush which he dipped in glue to attach the small pieces of colored construction paper to a simple drawing of a tree that I drew for him. He also creatively decided to add some extra leaves on each side of the tree to show how they fall off in autumn. It was a great activity for learning both fine motor skills, and to talk about the changing seasons.

 Finally we played with this great little peg board by Perler Beads and this bucket of Biggie Beads. These beads are meant to be used to create those little fused bead shapes. But we used them to work on his ability to pick up the beads neatly with his finger and thumb, and to practice the concept of patterns. I would create a simple pattern with the beads, and Big N copied the pattern on the other side of the board. 

 We had a great time learning some new skills!


  1. LOVE the tree! So stealing that idea as Caleb loves to use his "clippers!"

  2. Thanks, Kara! Big N calls scissors "clippers" too!